Dropped Kerb Installers in Bisbrooke

Easy access to your Bisbrooke driveway is essential and having a dropped kerb can make an enormous improvement. Dropped kerbs allow vehicles to cross the pavement and onto the property without causing damage to the vehicle. Here at Resin & Block Driveways, we offer a full dropped kerb service to take the hassle out of applying and constructing a dropped kerb in front of your Bisbrooke property.

Do I need a dropped kerb in Bisbrooke?

If you need to drive a vehicle over the public footpath onto your driveway, you will need to install a dropped kerb. If you do not have dropped kerb, it is illegal to drive over the pathway.

Do you need planning permission from the Bisbrooke council?

You will need to apply to your local Bisbrooke council for permission to install a dropped kerb in front of your property before we can undertake any of the physical work, if you would prefer, we can do this for you on your behalf.

If you would like to talk to us about our dropped kerb service, please call us on 01572 839354.

Bisbrooke Dropped Kerb Installation Process

We will arrange a visit to your Bisbrooke property to enable us to take correct measurements and review the surroundings of the kerb in question. There are a lot of factors to incorporate into a dropped kerb including any public utility services and if the property is on a main road, these will all effect the planning permission.

We work in conjunction with your local Bisbrooke county council, from applying for the planning permission to installing the dropped kerb, whilst complying with all necessary regulations.

Our team of local Bisbrooke dropped kerb specialists work efficiently to guarantee minimum disruption to the neighbouring properties and local environment.

Bisbrooke Dropped Kerb Installation Price

Dropped kerb construction costs will depend on the length and width of pavement needed to be dropped. If you're thinking of installing a dropped kerb in Bisbrooke and would like to receive a free quotation, please call one of our experts on 01572 839354 today.

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