Resin Driveways Installed in Hampstead Norreys

Hampstead Norreys “Resin Bond” Driveways

Resin bond solutions are fast becoming a popular way to surface your Hampstead Norreys driveway, patio or paths. Made from a mixture of natural stones they offer a durable and hard-wearing surface that looks great in any application.

Along with its non-slip properties, it only requires a low level of maintenance to keep looking fresh and clean.

We can construct a new Hampstead Norreys resin bond driveway from scratch or re-fresh your current, worn out Hampstead Norreys driveway with a new resin bond layer. Whether you have a small private one-car Hampstead Norreys driveway, or a large commercial Hampstead Norreys car park, we can provide Resin Bond surfacing for all your needs.

What is resin bond?

Also known as scattercoat, broadcast or coat system. Resin Bond is a loose layer of stones sprinkled over the driveway that sets into the resin.

Resin bond offers a vast range of colour and design options, allowing you to create the driveway you want. We are able to offer a choice of single or multiple colours whilst giving advice on designs if you’re stuck for ideas.

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Hampstead Norreys “Resin Bound” Driveways

What is resin bound?

Resin bound, also known as ‘trowelled’ paving, is made from a mixture of natural stones and coated with a clear UV resistant resin. To guarantee each stone is coated in resin, the resin and stones are combined in a force-action mix process to form a mixture that is then poured onto your Hampstead Norreys driveway or area you wish to cover.

The mixture is then hand-trowelled to form a smooth, constant surface with no loose stones. Resin bound surfaces require little maintenance and will look as good as new with a simple jet wash.

Benefits of Resin Bound Surfaces:

  • Reduced flood risk (permeable)
  • Resistant to weed growth
  • Anti-slip surface
  • UV resistant (colour won't fade)
  • Low maintenance
  • Choice of colours and design available
Resin Bond Driveways in Hampstead Norreys
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